Esani Dash Cams

Benefits of a Dash Cam

Car crime is on the rise all around the world. People are always after some quick cash, and it seems that cars are the perfect target. Motor insurance is there to protect you in the case of an accident or theft, and a dash cam, can be a great source of evidence when you need to make claims on your insurance.


1) 32gb Storage for photo / video files
2) 720p video recording
3) Ability to take photos while driving with 1 button
4) Connect to a app to edit and save your files to your phone
5) Auto recording in loops with 1/3/5 minute intervals

Dash Cam Footage



Dash Cam Pricing

Unit Costs:

1) Single Channel with rain sensor - R4400

2) Single Channel without rain sensor - R4400

3) Dual Channel with rain sensor - R5500

4) Dual Channel without rain sensor - R5500

All prices are including installation
Single Channel* – Frontal view
Dual Channel* – Frontal & Rear view


Contact Details

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  • info@esani.co.za
  • 24 Nebula Crescent Blackheath