Beame Tracking


If you’re on the look-out to get your vehicle’s recovery needs taken care of without the hassle, Beame is just the solution for you! From only R142.22pm, Beame uses the latest in smart wireless technology, making it easy to hide without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty.
Powered by Beame’s national network, our specialised recovery agents will help recover your stolen vehicle and bring it back safely to you.


Stolen Vehicle and Asset Recovery, Simply Sorted!

Beame, a brand by MiX Telematics, is one of South Africa’s most loved, reliable wireless recovery devices – a small and totally affordable way of keeping your vehicle and moveable assets safe while on the move.
Beame boasts one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. As a South African-born brand, having revolutionised the wireless tracking industry in 2011, Beame is known for its guaranteed reliability and true convenience – loved by all that have one.
There’s nowhere in South Africa that Beame won’t go to keep your vehicle and moveable assets safe!

book your installation

Book your installation at Easni and we will assist, the process is about the length of a coffee.